I went through a couple domain names before landing on micmax.pw. I use the first three letters of my given name and surname for everything nowadays. It makes for a unique domain & email. Thanks Palau for the TLD! I plan on sticking with this one until death does me in :skull:

Palau on a map

Here is Palau on a map, located northeast of Philippines and Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean.

Most unique TLD’s prior to the :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: introduction of .ninja and .pizza were based on country codes. They are often used for short URL sites or in combination with the second-level domain to complete a word. YouTube has an example of both youtu.be thanks to Belgium. I was going to buy the domain straw.pl from Poland to host my straw poll app, but it got sniped.

Aerial view of Ngerukewid Aerial view of the Ngerukewid islands - Wow isn’t it beautiful, that water is blue!

Interesting Facts

Here are some cool facts I learnt from Wikipedia which keeps its files in the computer :monkey:

  • Named after the Palauan word for village - Canada is similar
  • 340 islands, 459 km2, 18,000 people
  • Gained full sovereignty in 1994
  • $22.4 million from exports - top 3: 56% non-fillet fresh fish, 16% computers, 14% radio things
  • Economy consists primarily of tourism, subsistence agriculture, and fishing
    • Main tourist activity is scuba diving at its barrier reefs and WWII shipwrecks
  • No property or sales tax!
  • Currency is the United States Dollar
  • Created the world’s first shark sanctuary in 2009
  • Palau is served by an 80 bed hospital
  • 36 of the 61 kilometers of highway are paved
  • Baseball is a popular sport; the first Palauan played in the MLB in June 2022
  • Used by Japan to support its 1941 invasion of the Philippines
  • Fruit bat soup is a commonly referenced Palauan delicacy

Post Script

My previous personal website domain names were prolemur.com and mkmxwl.ca if I recall correctly. I can’t find either on Wayback Machine :cry: