The existing covers were pretty nasty so I threw them out several months ago and have been rocking the bare metal setup :metal: - just another step to boujee up my place! I took some inspiration from these two I found on Thingiverse.

Just went with a random shape, that was able to conceal the bolt, nut and washer. I could sand and polish it to get it to look closer to the porcelain bowl once I acquire polish and the varying degrees of grit sandpaper (200-3000). Spent about 5 minutes getting the measurements and designing it and kicking off the print. I was tempted to duplicate the model in my slicing software (since I need two of these) and run both at once but it’s good practice to ensure the design works first before wasting material on a part that potentially doesn’t get the job done.

In fact, the resulting print did not fit. The measurements were right though for some reason the printed piece had an inner diameter of 9.74mm when I modeled it to be 11.2mm. My quick and lazy fix was to increase both the X and Y scale by 1.15x in my slicing software, which hopefully gets the right size…

I also have a regret on my model design since it has a crevice that will make it a little harder to clean - a design principal that I think about an unhealthy amount. If it wasn’t already the next day (12:02 AM) then I might redesign it but I already have to stay up until this print finishes to test the fit, then hopefully just kick off another of the same print right after so I can make it to bed before the boogeyman gets me :fearful: