After about 4 months it started getting loose and then one of the arms snapped, leading to its death on Oct 1, 2022.

“It wasn’t Heather-proof” - @BarrSouth

Broken shower knob

I will attempt to ameliorate the loosening by making sure I use a high infill percentage. To strengthen the knob I will be making it more of a disk shape so the force hopefully distributes more evenly than before. I will also add vertical supports to each “prong” since to open and close the water you move the knob up and down respectively.

The original shower knob was one of the first things I designed myself, and so in my beginner shortsighted mind I apparently did not save it anywhere… I might have the design I made on paper with measurements somewhere, but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack :ear_of_rice: Luckily, after some rummaging I was able to find my first prototype replica of the actual main connection to the metal level of the shower apparatus, which I can take measurements from and import a photograph to get back to what I love most, showering :shower:

Not completely happy with how the front looks, maybe I should have printed it flipped. Or I could add faces to it kinda like a Beyblade :dragon:

Shower knob V2 side

How can I try to avoid losing as much data as possible? Document measurements I take? I really should probably switch from Shapr 3D to Fusion 360 so I can make parametric models, making design tweaking vastly easier, working with Play-Doh vs. Marble.