So my friend @yelli_r ‘s pottery teacher wanted to sign her pottery with a stamp instead of by hand each time.

So I have the task of designing and printing a 3D stamp meant for clay in exchange for a cool mug!

This reminds me of (one of) the first time(s) I earned money from programming back in the summer of spring of 2015 someone I was going to be classmates with at University I met online was building a site for a client in PHP and I helped provide the email form code and he e-transferred me $20 CAD for my time. I was officially a professional programmer!


I went with Danielle to some pottery cookout with cow dung, horse hair, and chicken feathers - the whole shebang! There I met Barb, the person who the stamp is for and had to give a hungover explanation as to why the stamp was unsatisfactory. Gonna try a version 2 and was given some clay so I could test it out myself. Since I envision more failed stamps I am going to make the handle thread into the stamp face. I already have a big collection of handle shaped things I don’t know what to do with.

Failed stamp handles