Now that the construction part is complete, I’ll run a test print! Since this is the first print, I must calibrate the print head to be only slightly above the print bed in its home position. Once that’s done, I set the extruder temperature to 205° C and guide the filament through the tube to the print head until some begins to extrude. The printer came with a micro SD card and a USB adapter for it. The files included on it were the Creality Slicer application, several STL files and some already pre-sliced files. I decided to go with the 10x10 maze since it only takes an hour to complete and uses minimal filament, since my goal was just to see if the thing worked. After slicing and exporting the file to the micro SD card, I plugged it into the Ender 5 Pro and selected it from the menu and waited the hour. Great success :trophy: