While looking up why my Dyson only last 10 seconds on maximum suck mode I found it was due to an old battery. So after buying this new one I wanted to be able to easily swap them without using the 3 small Phillips screws and stumbled across this model. Unfortunately, it is for the wrong Dyson version, but I was inspired to create my own!

The first attempt needed some fine tuning as seen by the gaps and the bottom clip not being able to fully close. I believe the top didn’t have enough clearance so I will make sure I increase that.

I tried getting a good shape of the profile by wrapping a wire around, thought not precise it gave me an idea and made me feel like MacGyver.

There’s the final version.

This project also introduced me to cults3d.com which has an online marketplace you can sell your models on, of which I’m sure there are others. Did I hear passive income :money_eyes: