I recently started watching some elliot is a cool guy content on YouTube and in his most recent video (which was an absolute masterpiece) he showed his calendar which I had to have it.

Create a circumscribed polygon (square) from the top and make it about 92% of the height. For example, if the diameter is 24 mm make the height of the rectangle only 22 mm.

Inspiration Calendar

After playing around in Fusion 360 for the best way to build this I reverse image searched the inspiration like Nev trying to sniff out a stinky catfish. I found it and by God was it a good thing I own a 3D printed and know the basics of CAD design because it’s a 165 euro!

I also learned from the closeups on their site that each date where the ring sits is slightly less proud to the original simple cylinder with fillet at bottom idea I first thought of. Should still be a simple adjustment.

My printer has a bed of 256 mm x 256 mm so I will not be able to clone the 473 mm x 485 mm item in one print. Some other key dimensions I got was the height being 54 mm. I can use these to help figure out the ratios and spacing. I could also try printing it at original scale and split the design into 4 pieces. I plan on mounting this magnetically to my air conditioning unit in my new apartment so I might not even have to glue or secure the piece together, just use some extra magnets! 12mm magnet insets into the back at each corner, CA glue in magnets I have from a folding chess set.

lagging rectangular pattern from a bunch of features. better to pattern the sketch. then make all the bodies. Centering text in a circle - pleasing to the eye.

Different size font for month and weekday vs date

Font to pick! The original uses a variation of Clarendon according to the What the Font - my first time using it, and definitely not the last!

After brief consideration, in WordPad, of all these fonts I am going with Trebuchet MS. It’s a satisfactory font, and a pretty weapon.


For some reason in the original the only words abbreviated to 4 letters were june and july. Maybe because they are the only 4 letter months and week day names? I think I will still make them to be 3 and go with jun and jul because its pretty obvious which is which.