After years of drinking beer I finally wanted to figure out which ones I actually liked. I think doing side-by-side comparisons is a great way to figure that out… even though may rankings might be affected by my rising blood alcohol concentration :dizzy_face:

I mostly wanted to cover popular and widely available beers with this ranking. So, I made a trip to QFC and the local corner store for some of their finest brews :beer:. On June 26, 2021 I invited some of my thirsty friends over to tackle this array of 15 beers and to find their favourites. The beers were sipped knowing full well which one was in your cup. Therefore, some slight preconceived beer-biases may have been in effect… Oh no! I guess I’ll have to do an anonymous beer tier list some day :wink:. While viewing my ranking, keep in mind that I have an aversion to stouts and hoppy beers.

Tier Beers        
S Stella Artois        
A Sapporo Corona Miller High Life Dos Equis  
B Coors Light Bud Light Pabst Blue Ribbon Modelo Especial Coors Banquet
C Fosters Budweiser Busch Heineken  
D Guinness        

S is the best, each column is also ordered by how much I like. i.e. Sapporo > Dos Equis.
To view this table as an image that I made on Tier Maker the night of click here

This tasting actually spawned a seltzer tasting a couple months later, hosted by @yelli_r :cocktail: so I consider this a success. Some valuable information was learnt from this tasting session.

  • I will not buy myself anything C or below, Heineken was surprisingly low.
  • Miller High Life is the Champagne of Beers
  • Budweiser is the King of Beers

Beers I would have been happy to have include

  • Blue Moon
  • Bud Light Lime
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Old Milwaukee
  • Rainier
  • Red Stripe
  • Sam Adams
  • Tecate

PS: I didn’t copy Ludwig he just so happened to do the same thing a week earlier. I had been planning to do this for over a month, just ask @sam!