Sup Neighbour

I’m Michael, a software engineer living in Seattle.
I write about technology and other things that interest me I feel inclined to share.
Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the Internet.

  • Plywood Chess Board

    Going on a weeklong ski trip to Mt. Bachelor with friends without a chess would be a sad trip indeed. Being unable to properly build a hardwood board since my woodworking class was cancelled, I used my mediocre skills to whip up this functional, but not beautiful checker pattern in a few days :checkered_flag:

  • GameCube USB Adapter Case

    Smash Bros. Melee is one of the few video games I’ll play. You need an adapter to play on PC and I removed mine’s case when I moved to Seattle to “reduce baggage”. Did I really save much space in doing so? Not at all, but I did create a fun little project for my future self :smiling_imp:

  • Cat Collage

    On January 21, 2022 I bought a calendar from Walt's Organic Fertilizer Co. With the year coming to an end and my holiday season requirements better served by an advent calendar I sacrificed the Zen Cat Calendar and raised new life from its scraps with tape, forming this collage :cat:

  • The Beatles - Framed

    I wanted to properly exhibit and recognise the best band of all time in my humble abode. That band is, of course, none other than The Beatles as you know from not only reading the title of this post, but also your own fine judgement! And so what if their name is a pun, get over it :beetle:

  • Laser Cut Speaker Stands

    One day I woke up and realised that my greyhound style-ears were not in the direct path of the sound waves being produced by my desktop speakers. Adding a slight upward tilt would make all the difference. Come along for my journey of laser cutting speaker stands and achieving aural perfection :hear_no_evil:

  • Hard Seltzer Tier List

    Recently, hard seltzers have dethroned beer as the drink of choice for parties. They can be good and I believe more well received on average, due to taste and lower caloric content, being mainly just water, vodka, and flavouring. So here I go, casting my opinion nobody asked for into the great ether :fishing_pole_and_fish:

  • The Republic of Palau

    I went through a couple domain names before landing on I use the first three letters of my given name and surname for everything nowadays. It makes for a unique domain & email. Thanks Palau for the TLD! I plan on sticking with this one until death does me in :skull:

  • My Car - 2010 BMW 328i

    This will be a log of all the things I’ve done to my car over the years, I don’t know much about vehicles so this will double as a learning journey. The secret remains, was I inspired to get a BMW by this song or was I just giving fair warning to other drivers that I’m someone who drives like they own a BMW :boom:

  • Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY. (2016)

    Here’s my first album review, or maybe just the conscious stream of thoughts I had while listening. It’s an anti-capitalist kinda pop punk album with high energy songs that also provoke thought. I first listened to this album when my friend @plourde_e mentioned it after I had moved to Seattle :us:

  • Quarters

    One joy that comes with living in a modest apartment are the coin-operated laundry machines. After getting tired of exchanging $10 bills for a roll of quarters with QFC cashiers every few weeks I made a trip to my bank and returned with a weapon-like bag of 400 quarters :moneybag:

  • Vinyl Record Shelf

    Hiding away the beautiful artwork on the album covers in my collection would be a damn shame. I wanted a place to display some of my favourites where they would remain easily accessible. I had nothing going on above my TV set so a vinyl shelf there was a no-brainer :musical_note:

  • !Lights Challenge

    At one of my first hackathons, I participated in a challenge called !lights. The goal was to recreate a webpage in a limited amount of time, using only a text editor, and having to drink a shot of hot sauce. For just a moment, life felt like a movie; things were getting a little heated :fire:

  • Hat Rack

    I’ve been hanging my hats on my coat rack and on push-pins in my cork board for far too long. My hats deserve better and will be nomadic no more. At last, Everything In Its Right Place. All I need now is motivation to make the trip to The Home Depot :house:

  • Phone Call Visualisation

    Given a call history file, generate an image showing all calls with their time, duration, and type. Okay, the wording I used might make this sound like homework… Nope, this is just something I wanted to see and share with the person on the other end of these calls :telephone:

  • Beer Tier List

    After years of drinking beer I finally wanted to figure out which ones I actually liked. I think doing side-by-side comparisons is a great way to figure that out… even though may rankings might be affected by my rising blood alcohol concentration :dizzy_face:

  • Hello World

    Hello and welcome to my first post!
    I want to motivate myself to work on ideas I have and able to share them with people.
    So here I am making this blog… I’ll name it Michael's Motive :sparkles: