Sup Neighbour

I’m Michael, a software engineer living in Seattle.
I write about technology and other things that interest me I feel inclined to share.
Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the Internet.

  • My Car - 2010 BMW 328i

    This will be a log of all the things I’ve done to my car over the years, I don’t know much about vehicles so this will double as a learning journey. The secret remains, was I inspired to get a BMW by this song or was I just giving fair warning to other drivers that I’m someone who drives like they own a BMW :boom:

  • Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY. (2016)

    Here’s my first album review, or maybe just the conscious stream of thoughts I had while listening. It’s an anti-capitalist kinda pop punk album with high energy songs that also provoke thought. I first listened to this album when my friend @plourde_e mentioned it after I had moved to Seattle :us:

  • Quarters

    One joy that comes with living in a modest apartment are the coin-operated laundry machines. After getting tired of exchanging $10 bills for a roll of quarters with QFC cashiers every few weeks I made a trip to my bank and returned with a weapon-like bag of 400 quarters :moneybag:

  • Vinyl Record Shelf

    Hiding away the beautiful artwork on the album covers in my collection would be a damn shame. I wanted a place to display some of my favourites where they would remain easily accessible. I had nothing going on above my TV set so a vinyl shelf there was a no-brainer :musical_note:

  • !Lights Challenge

    At one of my first hackathons, I participated in a challenge called !lights. The goal was to recreate a webpage in a limited amount of time, using only a text editor, and having to drink a shot of hot sauce. For just a moment, life felt like a movie; things were getting a little heated :fire:

  • Hat Rack

    I’ve been hanging my hats on my coat rack and on push-pins in my cork board for far too long. My hats deserve better and will be nomadic no more. At last, Everything In Its Right Place. All I need now is motivation to make the trip to The Home Depot :house:

  • Phone Call Visualisation

    Given a call history file, generate an image showing all calls with their time, duration, and type. Okay, the wording I used might make this sound like homework… Nope, this is just something I wanted to see and share with the person on the other end of these calls :telephone:

  • Beer Tier List

    After years of drinking beer I finally wanted to figure out which ones I actually liked. I think doing side-by-side comparisons is a great way to figure that out… even though may rankings might be affected by my rising blood alcohol concentration :dizzy_face:

  • Drawings

    Here are some things I’ve drawn in reverse chronological order, some random doodles, and a list of nostalgia motivated subjects I want to draw in the future. I enjoy drawing and find it to be a good way to relax my mind. I will continue to update this post as I draw to preserve this monumental artwork for millennia :relieved:

  • Hello World

    Hello and welcome to my first post!
    I want to motivate myself to work on ideas I have and able to share them with people.
    So here I am making this blog… I’ll name it Michael's Motive :sparkles: